Encouraging you to overcome
your roadblocks to self-care.

About Me
I’ve been where you are, in those dark moments. The ones that squeeze the life out of you. You’re suffocating, dying from the inside out, and wondering how you got here in the first place.


My moment came more than a decade ago, when I almost lost everything.

life coaching for women leaders, cheryl mcgrathWork had become my god. With my identity and worth tied up in an endless list of responsibilities and expectations, I was willing to sacrifice everything for the internal satisfaction I thought it would provide.

But work is a lousy god. Instead, I was drowning in my pursuit of success, striving to maintain the reputation I’d built during 25 years of accomplishment in corporate America. As a result, I’d checked out from the rest of my life.

My husband, Tim, confronted me in the home we’d shared for 25 years. He was at the end of his rope. Our marriage was in crisis. My health was deteriorating. Our teenaged children needed their mother. And, everyone saw it but me.


I thought I could handle it.

However, the tightrope I was walking had begun to unravel from the weight of my load. There was no joy, no contentment, only striving, and the threat that it might all come crashing down.

Every Season Coaching
Maybe you can relate. Your circumstances look different. But you’re struggling. Your inner life is a jumbled mess. For all your striving, you still feel empty, lost, and unsatisfied. Long ago, your responsibilities choked out any hope of joy, contentment, or rest.


This is not how we were meant to live.
When your whole life is threatening to fall apart at the seams, something has to give. And that something is you. It’s time to shut down, reboot, and find your way out of the chaos and demands of others into a place of peace and joy in the life you’ve chosen.


I’m here to guide you to wholly embrace self-care.



“A time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to tear down and a time to build…” Ecclesiastes 3:2-3


merritttestimonialphoto“The time Cheryl and I spent in a coaching relationship was so helpful and encouraging to me. Before we started, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now, I know that having someone in my corner is super helpful – cheering me on, challenging me, and helping me process decisions I needed to make or had already made. Cheryl gently pushed me to look at what stands in the way of the life and business I dream of having. She helped me address topics I had been avoiding and held me accountable to the things I said I wanted from our time together. Cheryl is thorough and offers relevant and helpful outside resources, plus she remembered things I’d said weeks and months earlier that had already slipped my radar. Coaching is a gift you give yourself. If you want to spend some focused time getting better at what you do and who you are, I highly recommend you reach out to Cheryl. Your time with her will be a huge blessing!” – Merritt O.


“Through coaching sessions with Cheryl, I began to understand and value the ‘new’ Holly and to live with more joy. I realized how strong I am and what I’m truly capable of. My dream was to change my eating habits on my own and make it come easy. Cheryl helped me figure out that is not my style. My new healthy eating program is working for me and I’m very happy. It is work and the work is worth it. Thank you!” – Holly H.