Encouraging you to overcome
your roadblocks to self-care.

2019 Workshops
I offer a variety of workshops for small businesses and organizations in Newaygo County, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. The workshops follow a format for participants to assess, learn, and apply in professional and personal life. Each workshop is 60 to 90 minutes and delivered in 1 or 2 sessions. I also work with your staff to ensure content is tailored to meet the needs of your organization.


1) Habits for Life: determine your Habit Tendency, learn about 21 Strategies for habit formation, and discuss how to apply these strategies at work and at home.
2) Living a Mindful Life: complete a Mindfulness Quiz, discuss principles and strategies for mindfulness, and consider what will be most effective in your life.
3) Secrets of Well-Being: complete a Self Assessment, review the foundations of work-life balance, and discuss how to maintain your well-being.
4) Self-Care 101: complete a Self Evaluation, discuss the basics of self-care (body, mind, heart, and soul), and identify effective ways to care for yourself.
5) Dealing with a Tough Customer: discuss customer service values, review strategies for handling a difficult customer, and practice how to deal with specific examples.
6) Difficult Conversations with Volunteers: review best practices for managing volunteers, learn an approach for managing difficult conversations, and discuss typical situations.



“A time to be silent and a time to speak…” Ecclesiastes 3:7b


Workshop Testimonial
“NCCA-Artsplace and Dogwood Center staff participated in two workshops in 2018 with Cheryl. Having a small-sized staff, these were great opportunities for staff to learn, listen to new ideas, and talk not only about work, but how life and work integrate. Cheryl provided excellent content and was wonderful in encouraging the staff to chime in with their ideas and experiences. Both workshops offered unique insights and a chance for all of us to learn together as a team!” – Marianne Boerigter, Executive Director