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“Perfectionism is not excellence; it is procrastination based in fear.” Alli Worthington offers seven ways you can curb procrastination and challenges you to answer the question, “What are you waiting for?” The world is waiting for what you have to offer.

What holds you back from making the changes you desire in your life? This post offers the one hard thing you have to do to be happy, healthy, and successful. If you can learn to get comfortable with discomfort, your life will be filled with fewer limits and a lot more opportunities.

2185-1270645614eF1xI was blessed with several different careers and 35 years of employment. However, after working for large organizations, I decided to start my own small business. It’s been stimulating since I enjoy a challenge, especially when I’m learning and giving back.

In early 2015, I developed a detailed plan for what I planned to accomplish. First, complete my Certified Coach training. Next, prepare a Business Plan and ideas for marking strategies. Next, develop and launch my Every Season Coaching website. Each month, I was able to acknowledge and celebrate my progress.

With my Type A personality, I’m motivated to establish and achieve my goals. Which brings me to June, 2015… [continue reading…]

Jonathan Milligan shares his definition of a workaholic – someone who finds their sole identity in work alone. He believes there is more to life than work and offers 5 Principles for Working Less and Living More.