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Being grateful is important to feeling contentment. When we’re upset or disappointed in life, expressing gratitude is beneficial to finding our joy again. Here are 10 Gratitude Mantras from Marc  Chernoff to help you appreciate what you already have.

There are many excellent resources offering ideas for how to care for yourself during the holiday season. This article from The Chopra Center is a favorite of mine, with simple suggestions for setting your intention and attention on peace and grace.

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Do you feel tired and overwhelmed during the holidays? Do you desire more joy and peace this season?  

For many years, I expected my holidays to be perfect. I wanted my calendar to be full of holiday activities and commitments. I thought being busy would achieve my high expectations (yes, perfectionism!). I feared I would miss out and disappoint others by not participating.

Trying to make everything absolutely perfect was exhausting, frustrating, and didn’t leave time for enjoyment. I was tired, overwhelmed, and unable to experience the joy and peace I really desired. Now, I’m learning how to practice self-care that meets my needs.

It’s important to decide what YOU need to do for yourself. You can make the right choices because you deserve self-care. You are worth it!

Here are 3 of my favorite tips to help you:  [continue reading…]

“Perfectionism is not excellence; it is procrastination based in fear.” Alli Worthington offers seven ways you can curb procrastination and challenges you to answer the question, “What are you waiting for?” The world is waiting for what you have to offer.

Balancing your needs with the demands of career and family requires being to take care of yourself. Here are 25 Self-Care Tips from Gentle Living for your body and soul. My favorite is #25: “Just be You. You are Perfect. You are Enough. You are Invaluable.”

What happens when you forget your intrinsic value? In a “Marie TV” episode, Marie Forleo suggests what to do if you are questioning your worth in this world and feeling useless and alone.

What makes you smile and brings you joy? Alysa at Kitchen Fellowship shares these 11 Simple Ideas to break free from your daily grind and encourages you to try one idea today.

Cultivating gratitude in your life can help you, and everyone around you, live a happier, healthier life. Read how you can develop your attitude of gratitude in Four Habits of People Who Are Truly Happy.