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During the past several years, I’ve picked one word every year to share my intentions. The word has provided a theme to guide my choices and a focus to each year.

For 2017, I chose the word “practice”. I want this to be a season of growth in what I’ve been learning about myself. Some people might choose the word “discipline”, but this implies an intense, structured, and restrictive approach. “Practice” is sets a realistic expectation and encourages grace since I’m not finished (yet).

I had a great opportunity to practice when I was downhill skiing in Utah a few weeks ago. The first day I was there, my Mom’s retirement home called to tell me she had fallen and was going by ambulance to the hospital. I was almost 1,600 miles away and realized I needed to stay there for my own health and well-being.

How could I enjoy my vacation with my Mom in the hospital? [continue reading…]

What does “mindful living” mean to you? This list of 7 things mindful people do differently is a good place to start. These suggestions will help you focus more on the present and less on the past and the future.

Guest Post by Tim McGrath

I have not traded in my man card. I am a red-blooded, all American male. I was born in the middle of the last century, well before Dr. Phil, Oprah, love languages, Enneagrams, skinny jeans, or metrosexual defined the “new” masculinity. I’ve lived the “Big Boys don’t cry” legend, and the Marlboro Man’s leather-tough veneer was the model for all things macho. Charles Atlas showed us skinny guys we didn’t have to take sand kicked in our faces at the beach anymore. I’ve been around, so I have an idea what makes us tick. [continue reading…]

The Simple Show is an excellent weekly podcast from Tsh Oxenreider on a variety of topics. Episode 42 with Erin Loechner offers great self-care suggestions, including establishing routines, managing work with kids, surviving vs. thriving, and acknowledging the season of life you are in.

What holds you back from making the changes you desire in your life? This post offers the one hard thing you have to do to be happy, healthy, and successful. If you can learn to get comfortable with discomfort, your life will be filled with fewer limits and a lot more opportunities.

As I face my fears and better understand courage, I realize it is a choice and not a feeling. I want to be more intentional in being brave every day. Here are 11 practical ways you can choose brave and say “Yes” to that wild adventure.

Balancing your needs with the demands of career and family requires being to take care of yourself. Here are 25 Self-Care Tips from Gentle Living for your body and soul. My favorite is #25: “Just be You. You are Perfect. You are Enough. You are Invaluable.”

What makes you smile and brings you joy? Alysa at Kitchen Fellowship shares these 11 Simple Ideas to break free from your daily grind and encourages you to try one idea today.