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Guest Post by Tim McGrath

I have not traded in my man card. I am a red-blooded, all American male. I was born in the middle of the last century, well before Dr. Phil, Oprah, love languages, Enneagrams, skinny jeans, or metrosexual defined the “new” masculinity. I’ve lived the “Big Boys don’t cry” legend, and the Marlboro Man’s leather-tough veneer was the model for all things macho. Charles Atlas showed us skinny guys we didn’t have to take sand kicked in our faces at the beach anymore. I’ve been around, so I have an idea what makes us tick. [continue reading…]

Over the past few months, I’ve had an opportunity to practice my own self-care in the middle of an unexpected family crisis. This season is requiring I provide care for my aging Mother and actively participate in the “sandwich generation”.

In August, my 83 year-old Mom fell and fractured a lower vertebrae. She is in early stage dementia and was moved to a nursing facility for rehab. In September, Mom fell again and broke her neck, resulting in a major setback to her recovery.

As Power of Attorney, I’ve been spending significant time coordinating her care, handling her finances, and making future living arrangements. It’s been a struggle to care for myself and maintain my quality of life.  [continue reading…]

The Simple Show is an excellent weekly podcast from Tsh Oxenreider on a variety of topics. Episode 42 with Erin Loechner offers great self-care suggestions, including establishing routines, managing work with kids, surviving vs. thriving, and acknowledging the season of life you are in.

From Lean In, this video shares effective strategies for achieving better work/life balance. You’ll learn the value of negotiation, how to ask for specific goals at work, and the importance of letting go of perfection. Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober guide the discussion and address real-life examples.

When you think “I’m not good enough,” remember you have been subtly molded into who ‘YOU’ are. You are driven by external and internal negativity about what is and isn’t possible for you. At Marc & Angel Hack Life, Marc Chernoff shares the 3 Beliefs You Have that Hold You Back.

Fear, doubt, and insecurities invade what we know about who God created us to be. Overcoming these challenges helps us grow into our full potential. With Propel Women, Karen Harmon shares about who we are called to be and Growing Into Your Full Potential.