Resources (+ Blog)

During the past several years, I’ve picked one word every year to share my intentions. The word has provided a theme to guide my choices and a focus to each year.

For 2017, I chose the word “practice”. I want this to be a season of growth in what I’ve been learning about myself. Some people might choose the word “discipline”, but this implies an intense, structured, and restrictive approach. “Practice” is sets a realistic expectation and encourages grace since I’m not finished (yet).

I had a great opportunity to practice when I was downhill skiing in Utah a few weeks ago. The first day I was there, my Mom’s retirement home called to tell me she had fallen and was going by ambulance to the hospital. I was almost 1,600 miles away and realized I needed to stay there for my own health and well-being.

How could I enjoy my vacation with my Mom in the hospital? I practiced staying present. I practiced letting go and realizing others in my family would handle my Mom’s care. I practiced being mindful – of the beauty all around me, of good health to ski, and of fun times with good friends.

What are my struggles with practicing what I’ve learned?

In my work as a life coach, I’m always looking for great resources and ways to help others. However, continuous learning can become an excuse to not apply what I’m learning. I gather lots of good information and don’t always follow through in my own actions.

I’m a planner and it’s easy for me to live in the future. I like to set goals and focus on the activities to achieve them. When I think about tomorrow, it’s challenging to stay in the present and enjoy what’s happening today.

I like being busy and sometimes I wonder if I’m addicted to being busy. If I stay active all the time, it’s a way to avoid some of my personal struggles. I have the head knowledge and it’s hard to connect with my heart.

I hope this year of practice brings new growth in my life. I want to share my struggles, honestly and openly. I can’t stay busy to compensate for my anxieties and fears. I need to quiet my mind and engage in the present moment.

How do you practice what you are learning?