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In August 2015, I participated in a 100-mile backpacking trip…

through the Wind River Range wilderness area in Wyoming. For 12 days, I relied on a small, light-weight Sawyer Filter for my drinking water. I quickly learned the value of safe, filtered water since my health and survival were 100% dependent on this technology for the entire trip.

My backpacking experience inspired me to make a difference for people around the world who lack access to safe drinking water. After researching the humanitarian organizations who partner with Sawyer International, I decided to support Compassion International.



Giving Back

Olimometer 2.52 I’m committed to donating at least 10% of the income from Every Season Coaching to Compassion’s Water of Life program. This program “provides safe water for life for a child and their family” through the distribution of Sawyer filters in 17 countries. A $79 donation provides a family with one Water of Life Sawyer filter system (over 1 million gallons) and education on improving hygiene and sanitation.

Even though my business is small, I believe in the power of one person making a difference. This chart shows donations through my Every Season Coaching business.

According to the World Health Organization:
850million 1.4million4,000
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