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If you’ve thought “how do I not let the fear of criticism crush me and make me feel worthless?”, this MarieTV episode is for you. Marie Forleo offers three things to remember, plus an exercise to ensure your critics won’t keep you from doing the work you’re meant to do.

What happens when you forget your intrinsic value? In a “Marie TV” episode, Marie Forleo suggests what to do if you are questioning your worth in this world and feeling useless and alone.

From Lean In, this video shares effective strategies for achieving better work/life balance. You’ll learn the value of negotiation, how to ask for specific goals at work, and the importance of letting go of perfection. Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober guide the discussion and address real-life examples.

Fear, doubt, and insecurities invade what we know about who God created us to be. Overcoming these challenges helps us grow into our full potential. With Propel Women, Karen Harmon shares about who we are called to be and Growing Into Your Full Potential.