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This guest post is from my coaching client, Alysa Passage. She’s a graphic and web designer for purpose driven change makers. Welcome, Alysa!

You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t be all things to all people,” but what if we flipped the saying around? You can’t be all things to yourself.

Have you ever been there? Navigating complicated decisions and working to foster fresh ideas, solo. Making plans and hoping you can motivate your accountability-loving-self to follow through. Hitting roadblocks and racking your brain for a way forward.

Before working with Cheryl as my coach, I went through stretches like those without much clarity. This post is a peek into the transformation that happened when I stopped trying to “be all things” to myself and invited a coach into my business and life. Many of the changes came through what I learned about myself with Cheryl’s thought provoking questions and processing our conversations. Here are the highlights: [continue reading…]

During the past several years, I’ve picked one word every year to share my intentions. The word has provided a theme to guide my choices and a focus to each year.

For 2017, I chose the word “practice”. I want this to be a season of growth in what I’ve been learning about myself. Some people might choose the word “discipline”, but this implies an intense, structured, and restrictive approach. “Practice” is sets a realistic expectation and encourages grace since I’m not finished (yet).

I had a great opportunity to practice when I was downhill skiing in Utah a few weeks ago. The first day I was there, my Mom’s retirement home called to tell me she had fallen and was going by ambulance to the hospital. I was almost 1,600 miles away and realized I needed to stay there for my own health and well-being.

How could I enjoy my vacation with my Mom in the hospital? [continue reading…]

Guest Post by Tim McGrath

I have not traded in my man card. I am a red-blooded, all American male. I was born in the middle of the last century, well before Dr. Phil, Oprah, love languages, Enneagrams, skinny jeans, or metrosexual defined the “new” masculinity. I’ve lived the “Big Boys don’t cry” legend, and the Marlboro Man’s leather-tough veneer was the model for all things macho. Charles Atlas showed us skinny guys we didn’t have to take sand kicked in our faces at the beach anymore. I’ve been around, so I have an idea what makes us tick. [continue reading…]

Photo by Ben White

Do you feel tired and overwhelmed during the holidays? Do you desire more joy and peace this season?  

For many years, I expected my holidays to be perfect. I wanted my calendar to be full of holiday activities and commitments. I thought being busy would achieve my high expectations (yes, perfectionism!). I feared I would miss out and disappoint others by not participating.

Trying to make everything absolutely perfect was exhausting, frustrating, and didn’t leave time for enjoyment. I was tired, overwhelmed, and unable to experience the joy and peace I really desired. Now, I’m learning how to practice self-care that meets my needs.

It’s important to decide what YOU need to do for yourself. You can make the right choices because you deserve self-care. You are worth it!

Here are 3 of my favorite tips to help you:  [continue reading…]

Over the past few months, I’ve had an opportunity to practice my own self-care in the middle of an unexpected family crisis. This season is requiring I provide care for my aging Mother and actively participate in the “sandwich generation”.

In August, my 83 year-old Mom fell and fractured a lower vertebrae. She is in early stage dementia and was moved to a nursing facility for rehab. In September, Mom fell again and broke her neck, resulting in a major setback to her recovery.

As Power of Attorney, I’ve been spending significant time coordinating her care, handling her finances, and making future living arrangements. It’s been a struggle to care for myself and maintain my quality of life.  [continue reading…]

2185-1270645614eF1xI was blessed with several different careers and 35 years of employment. However, after working for large organizations, I decided to start my own small business. It’s been stimulating since I enjoy a challenge, especially when I’m learning and giving back.

In early 2015, I developed a detailed plan for what I planned to accomplish. First, complete my Certified Coach training. Next, prepare a Business Plan and ideas for marking strategies. Next, develop and launch my Every Season Coaching website. Each month, I was able to acknowledge and celebrate my progress.

With my Type A personality, I’m motivated to establish and achieve my goals. Which brings me to June, 2015… [continue reading…]


I don’t see myself as a writer. I’m a leader, communicator, learner, organizer, planner, reader, weaver, and many other things…just not a writer. However, I have a story to share and writing is a way to tell it.

I recently completed my Certified Coach training and have started my own life coaching business. About 2 years ago, I didn’t have a clue what a “Life Coach” was. I was talking with a dear friend about what I could consider doing in this season of my life. I want to help others in their journey by sharing my personal and professional experience.

Throughout my life, I was extremely focused on DOING. [continue reading…]